What Makes a Good Carer? 10 Important Qualities

A good carer will have many qualities that make them exceptionally good at their job. A good carer will help the people they care for to feel respected, valued, and safe. They will be someone who improves your feelings of well-being, and you will look forward to seeing them.

The qualities you should see in a great carer are:

1. Empathy

This can feel like a very big decision, after all, your relative’s wellbeing is effectively being put into the hands of the professional carers or agency that you choose. However, there is help available to help you make the right decision. Consumer rights champions Which? provides a care services directory, which includes the latest information and rankings for home care providers.

You can also find more information about agencies via the Care Quality Commission, which is the industry regulator in England, for Scotland, it is the Care Inspectorate.

2. Passionate about their job

A good carer will be passionate about their job and do their best for the people they care for. Taking all aspects of the role and a career in care seriously, it is a professional vocation to them, not just a job.

A good carer will always want to learn more, and usually hold qualifications in health and social care as well as specific training for health conditions such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

3. Experienced and confident

An experienced carer who has received good training, professional development, experience and qualifications from their employer will be confident and provide care with seamless ease. They will respectfully deal with personal care such as washing, toileting, and period or bowel management while preserving your dignity.

4. Respect your choices

It’s important to everyone to have autonomy in the way we live. A good carer will respect your right to choice, and preserve your dignity. They will not assume you are unable to make a decision and they will help you to feel empowered.

5. Reliable and dedicated

Good carers are dedicated to being on time, they know that they have to be there for you at the time they are booked. They will often go the extra mile to ensure you are comfortable before they leave, making sure all of your needs are attended to and helping to build trust between you both.

The carer will add special touches like remembering what foods you enjoy, your favourite television or radio shows, how you like your tea, what you like to wear for certain occasions.

6. A positive and encouraging attitude

The last thing you need in your own home is someone who likes to moan about things, complains, or look unhappy. A good carer or care worker understands that positivity plays a huge part in feeling well. They will greet you with a smile and a positive attitude.

7. Observant

Being an observant carer can save lives. There are countless times where a carer has recognised signs of illness that has led to a health condition being recognised early. They will also observe signals from you, so if you’re struggling with something, they’ll ask if you need some help.

Being observant can also help a care assistant (especially carers for elderly people) to ensure their client eats, drinks and sleeps well.

8. Patience

A good carer will be patient with you, you should never feel rushed to do something. The carer will know that it’s more important for you to achieve something than how long it takes you to do it.

9. Kindness

Kindness is shown by a good carer in the way they encourage you and make you feel valued.

10. Communication skills

One of the qualities a good carer will have is the ability to easily chat, listen and get on with you. They will encourage conversation and engagement, and they will enjoy hearing the stories of your life, and about your family members, and will want to hear more.

Do you meet the qualities of a good carer?

If you meet the qualities shared above, you could be just what the care industry is looking for. For many carers, working in care is more of a calling, rather than a job. It is a skilled role that requires continuous professional development.

MyLife is proud to offer the gold standard in training, personal development and career progression opportunities. Each of our locations offers an office-based support team who are there to ensure that you are enjoying your role and that you receive the support you need, as and when you need it.

Why not check our careers information page and see if you could make a difference?

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