Why you might need care after a hospital discharge

If you have had an illness or been in hospital, you may need some temporary care to get back to your normal routine and carry on independently when you get home.

Nobody enjoys staying in a hospital, so it is understandable if you want to get discharged as soon as possible but health is the top priority, and you need to make sure you are equipped when you get home.

When you leave the hospital, you will be considered medically cleared by a senior medical staff member. You will then be given a written care plan that shows the support you will need when you are discharged.

Everyone has different healing times, experiences and abilities when they come out of the hospital, but it is important that you follow the care plan that the hospital has provided. With this care plan, you can hire home from hospital care to come to your home and take care of you according to the written care plan specific to you.

Depending on the incident that you were admitted to the hospital for, you may not be able to move, shop, cook food, clean yourself, dress etc and this is where a carer comes into play. With a carer, you will be able to heal properly without disrupting the process and accidentally straining yourself.

The benefits of care after a hospital discharge

  • By using care services to get you back onto your feet after you have been discharged from the hospital will allow you and your family members to be put at ease knowing you are in good hands.
  • Carers will be able to facilitate your physical recovery through the healing process by taking care of your mental and physical wellbeing. They will help you move around the home safely and securely.
  • Carers are also able to take care of household tasks to make sure that you recover from your time in hospital. You should be focusing on yourself on your road to recovery so all household cleaning, laundry and daily tasks will be taken care of by a carer. Meal preparation, cooking and grocery shopping is also handled by care staff to ensure you are not in any physical demand.

Although friends and family may be great at providing support for you after you are discharged from the hospital, they may not always be available to help out with daily tasks that take a toll on the body and are essential to running a home.

Home from hospital care services is tailored to each individual as you may have specific needs when coming home. Everybody has different things they need support in when they are discharged from the hospital and that is why MyLife creates a bespoke plan for every individual, based on their specific wishes and needs. MyLife Home Care can be with you through the whole hospital journey, from packing your bags to medical support and care when you are back home.

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