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Activities for the Elderly

After the last year, we have all in one way or another suffered socially. People of all ages are now experiencing difficulty with their mental health and elderly care still remains critical in our society.

With things starting to open up again and daily life starting to look more ‘normal’, we thought it would be a great idea to highlight some of the activities we recommend for the elderly.

Social activities for the elderly offer new communities for them to be apart of

Oftentimes older people begin to lose their mobility and some of the activities they enjoyed previously they’re no longer able to do.

This can be a difficult thing for themselves, family and friends to process, but loss of their mobility doesn’t have to end their fun and engagement in the world. There are plenty of activities for the elderly to get involved in without needing to move around too much.

We’ve rounded up 4 ideas below to get you inspired…

Book Clubs

Good old fashioned physical meet in-person book clubs, or virtual book clubs for the more tech-savvy elderly members, offer a great opportunity for groups of like-minded people to get together.

These groups are popular among older adults, often discussing and covering a wide range of topics and genres.

Book clubs are perfect for older people who love reading and exploring other people’s opinions and points of view, making it one of many social activities for the elderly to enjoy

Not only that but reading provides mental stimulation for elderly, improves memory, reduces stress, improves sleep and delays cognitive decline.

With all the benefits listed above, why wouldn’t you want to get involved in a book club?

There are a number of book clubs nationwide – contacting your local library would be a great place to get started.

Arts and crafts for elderly

Art classes, often run at local community centres or evening sessions at local colleges, are perfect for those who like to express themselves creatively.

Arts and craft activities for the elderly create an opportunity for them to spend time with other like-minded people. These groups mean they can create new friends and share their creations with families when they next see them.

Using acrylic or watercolour  paint can often open the door to another form of communication and many people find art a relaxing hobby to help them relax or deal/process stresses in their day to day lives.

Research has found creative activities for older adults who are battling chronic illness to help them with their mental health, increasing positive emotions, reducing stress and anxiety and even improving some medical outcomes.

Bingo for the elderly

Who doesn’t love bingo?!

A favourite for all age groups, bingo offers a social and recreational activity for the elderly to do outside of the house in a welcoming and friendly environment.

Getting together each week and playing a game of bingo gives elderly people the opportunity to create a new social group for themselves. With the added bonus of being a fun thing to do for the elderly.

Most towns have a bingo hall – it would be worth checking if they offer any OAP special offers or sessions. Some bingo halls may offer a drink and lunch within the ticket price, given your loved one a nice afternoon out of the house.

Elderly walking groups

The benefits of walking for older people are well known and for many, walking has provided solace and comfort over the last year, as well as a great bit of physical activity

No one can deny the health benefits walking has for the elderly. Walking helps to keep your heart healthy, supports your digestion and boosts your immune system. It doesn’t just stop there, walking helps to encourage better mental health, getting out into nature can be a great comfort to different people.

If your elderly family member is steady on their feet and capable of walking, there are some lovely walking routes up and down the UK ranging in length and difficulty in terms of the terrain.

There are a number of elderly walking groups too which may be a nice idea to help find some like-minded people – we recommend contacting your local council or local gym for more information.

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